Welcome to my personal website www.skmishra.net. A personal website makes a lot of meanings. It may present personal details in which none other than the author is interested; it may contain author's observations on his own life in retrospect; it may contain author's comments on the society of which he was a part; it may contain author's professional activities in present and past; it may contain an account of author's creative activities and so on. Life is like painting; it sketches and paints the images of the immense possibilities of the future on the convass of the present, with the brush of activities and the colors of seasons, making the hard, perhaps incomplete and inaccurate, copies of those images, oftentimes abstract, which ultimately hang in the art galaries of the past for the interpretations to be made by the next generations.

I was born in a village (Tarar, District Bhagalpur in Bihar) and love to live in a wholesome rustic manner. I love the rustic informal interpersonal relations. I love my mother tongue, Angika (a language spoken in Bhagalpur, Bihar); I love our folklores; I love our local songs and the fairy tales that my grandparents used to narrate to me before I slept in the comforts of their warm laps. I cherish "wo kaagaz ki kisti wo baaris ka paani  ()." However, under the constraints of circumstances, I lived and continue living in towns/cities, where entire life has been a mere solo, all alone, a voyage incognoto, a journey in which I met many, many met me, and exchanged superficial greetings and smiles, all perfunctory, to one another. Yes, undoubtedly, "apne kheton se bichhadane ki sazza paataa hun  ()." Yes, my life, personal and professional, most aptly described in a poetic language, is (and has been all along): "apne sapnon ka lahoo ponchhane ki koshish main, jaagte jaagate thak jaataa hun, so jaataa hun ()." After all, man does not live by bread alone.

Professionally, I am a retired university professor of economics. I also have had some training in regional planning at IIT, Kharagpur where I was educated (did Masters in Regional Planning and PhD in Planning) and seved as a Lecturer. I specialize in econometrics and optimization. I have also written many computer programs (in Fortran), especially for econometrics and global optimization and some methods of analysis that I contributed.

At this site you will find the majority of papers that I wrote and a good number of computer programs (source codes in Fortran) that has general applications. I believe that academic contributions should be available without any constraints, free for all. Some may find their applications and might be benefitted. They also provide food for thought and work as intellectual capital on which others can build up. This only has been my objective to float this website.

At this site you will find (here) the following some of which may interest you:

At this site you may find many things that would not interest you. Skip over them at your convenience.